Friday, November 29, 2013

boring in reno

Lil update and facts.

Well I'm in reno with family, some are sick and so is my dog so that is no fun. I have though, began a small photography company to keep my occupied which is doing decently well, but i should be back in Slovenia in January if anyone cares. I have been occupying my time with lost of documentaries and cultural and history studies because is orgasmicly interesting. I never knew Charles The Great (also known as Charlemange) who was king of the Franks, back then France and part of Germany and northern Italy, was in fact Germanic. The Franks were Germanic people intermingled with a latin speaking branch of people.

But anyway the fascinating thing was back then the whole kingdom was divided between all sons, so in his case he had one sone who had 3 sons therefore the kingdom was separated between them with the treaty of Verdun which is basically what rippled in time to WW1 and WW2

What a magnificent bastard. Anyway I have also been playing Diablo 3 and watching minecraft videos but history is where is at. There is a ton of cool stuff that happened... so stop reading this and go check it out.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Go away jet lag!

Still feeling the jet lag and cant wait to come back!

I will be back in Europe in 3 months, Getting all my documents for living in Slovenia secured! here is another picture of the Canadian Rockies from my flight

Friday, October 25, 2013

Back to the US for the holidays

Back in the US for business and holidays!

I am finally back in the US, sorry for the lack of posts, I've been in Slovenia working on business and things. I took a 12 hour flight from Munich over the arctic circle with Lufthansa. It was not as bad as i thought and I had a great experience with my first time on this German airliner! Here is a picture of my view over the arctic circle somewhere near Greenland.

Friday, September 13, 2013

One hell of a year

One hell of a year.

Here is the map of my european travels. I came to Germany to work and ended up forming a company in Slovenia here is my path.  Our company's official facebook!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Special limited offer for annual free stay in Slovenia

Special limited offer!

As our first Indiegogo campaign comes to a close we are are offering 15 people the chance to have an annual free stay for 3 days a year in Slovenia for just 100 euro donation!

Check the offer here!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Discounted group and friend travel made easy through social media!

An easy way for group discounted travel through social media!

These guys are doing the right thing by letting us use social media to get the discounts we want and deserve when traveling with groups and friends. Most of us have been there, we want to go on a trip with our friends but its hard to get us all organized and we don't even get discounts even though there may be a dozen of us! well not anymore. Check this site out!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry no posts for a while

Slovenian and lack of posts.

I have been getting things situated in Slovenia and have not had much time or even content related to Germany so from now on I have a lot of old content I never put up that I will work on and post now that i have officially moved into my apartment here in Ljubljana.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Copenhagen after Berlin.

I am Going to Berlin then on to Copenhagen in just a few hours!

I will being going to Berlin again then on to Copenhagen, Denmark. Then on to my next Loctions! thanks for the support and all the people who participated in guessing where I was going on my website

When and if I find internet during my travels i will keep you allupdated.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I begin my travels soon

I will be traveling soon!

I know this seems to be a trend (that I dont post much for a while then come back and post content again) I have been working on my website and a project I am doing, as I have stated in Earlier posts. At around 5 pm GMT i will begin the participation part of my travels by providing a clue to where i am am going next. I have a lot of content i need to organize and a lot more that will be flowing in with this new project. So please go to CONORPHOTOGRAPHY.COM to take part!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Official Website Up

Website up and running:

Participate in my Travels and current projects under the Current projects tab :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Berlin. 50 years ago this month JFK made his famous speech.

Berlin and 50th anniversary of JFK speech.

I went to Berlin last weekend with Jolanda. We spend 2 nights there after a 3 and a half bus ride from Hamburg. While we were there we saw many famous places. This month (and specifically on the 26th) is the 50th anniversary of JFK's famous speech "Ich bin ein Berliner"  where he showed his support for  West Germany 22 months after the soviet influenced East Germany erected a wall separating west Berlin from East berlin. In his speech he said the famous words "Ich bin ein Berliner" although people from berlin do not really refer to themselves as "Berliners" because a berliner is basically a jelly filled doughnut.. hah. Any way his words had an impact and it remains in our minds today as in a week, the current President of the United States, Obama has a trip planned and will have talks with the current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Although with recent revelations of the secret PRISM surveillance program might thwart some of these talks because the EU does not really approve of the U.S. "spying" on it's citizens.

Anyway the wall remained standing for many years later and the Brandenburg Gate (I took a picture of it as shown below) symbolized the separation of the City and the whole country. Again on June 12 (yesterday 26 years to the date) in 1987 the then President Ronald Reagan again called upon the leader of the then Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev (in front of the Brandenburg Gate, again pictured below when i went last weekend) to "Tear down this wall!".

Two years after Reagan's speech in 1989 East Berliners were allowed to cross into West Berlin and both Celebrated on top of the wall. The wall was then destroyed and this gave way to German reunification which completed in October 3 1990.

To this day the Brandenburg gate (built in the late 1800s) still stands and became a symbol of German division and reunification. And now the German people are fully united and could be seen as carrying the rest of Europe on it's shoulders as it bails out many EU states but that is up for debate. But the German people hav succeeded in successfully restoring a good economy and acceptance. Hopefully from here on out everything will only get better. But the division will always remain in our minds. Below is also a picture of graffiti from 1992 indicating the continued feeling of divisions then but when I was there everything seemed fluent.

To Germany and the German People!.

First here is a picture of my favorite building in Berlin "The Berliner Dom"

    Berliner Dom
Brandenburg Gate

Now it is all water under the bridge ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Going to berlin and a subreddit for us.

Headed to Berlin!

We are currently on our way via bus to Berlin! Have not even chosen which hotel we are staying in tonight though.

The two of us are here to see the city and visit the Embassies of our countries regarding my visa for other countries here to continue my travels here in Europe! But mostly for Jolanda's passport so that means we will be traveling outside of the EU soon, can any of you guess where? :P

We are excited and will share our experience with you here in a blog post and will obviously be returning in a few weeks back to Berlin. 

On that note I have Started a new Blog which I will update on my broader experiences in Europe. Enjoy!

Also I founded a new fast growing SubReddit on Reddit Regarding everything American in Europe!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Off topic post about reddit and /r/adviceanimals

Off topic post about Reddit.

I know many of my viewers and followers here are from reddit, one of the subreddits that I view the most is obviously /r/adviceanimals. Yesterday they made a satirical joke about the friction going on in /r/atheism by changing all of their posts to text based posts only which pretty much eliminates mobile users and the casual user who had no idea that it was a joke about a subreddit they might not even know about. Even some people who knew about /r/atheism still were not sure if it was a joke because of other stunts the mods had pulled in the past.

This was not their first shenanigan though, some of you may remember the deal with the flairs and the mods every once and awhile trying to be funny while ruining the plain experience and constant flow of quality content memes.
So. I decided to make my own subreddit which grew fast and still is with quality content where no shenanigans will be pulled.

I made this decision even though there is already a subreddit called /r/memes it is vastly different because (as being subscribed to both 
/r/memes and /r/adviceanimals) I have noticed a difference especially on the mobile. Some of the stuff hitting top page in /r/memes is pictures of memes on paper or other things like hung up at school, and for a mobile user on a tiny screen sometimes its inconvient to try and zoom to see the not so clear cut words. /r/Adviceanimals was clear cut mobile user friendly content of just straight digital images of memes.

Keep memeing on at /r/AdviceAnimalsReborn


Ps. I was also able to create my own new meme using a photo I took of a Coot.


Friday, June 7, 2013


We went to the Stadtpark.

Last sunday we went to Stadtpark for the second time. Humburg's city park. Here you can see it on google maps. The park is filled with a huge open grass area where on windy days you will see many people flying kites and a few picnicking. On warm days the huge grass field is packed with people soaking up the little sun they can get up here in Hamburg.

The Stadtpark has many things to do including my favorite so far which is a bar by the water front which you can see here and here. You can take little canoes out into the pond and have a picknick on the water, and during the summer everything is so green and the flowers are very colorful. There is a lot of bird life and many swans in and around the water front. The waterfront is located on one end of the grassy field and on the other end is the Planetarium which is so great and is pictured below.

I plan on going back to the Planetarium before I leave Hamburg, I might go on saturday since i am going to Berlin on monday but when I go there will be picture for you guys! Also of berlin, it will be my first time in the capital of Germany, I have been almost everywhere else but not Berlin!
Anyway, below are a few pictures I took in the park and one on the way to the park which is very easy to get to via U-Bahn/S-Bahn (the german subway systems) Also it is very cool to note that hamburg airport is very near and the flight path of the planes flies directly over the park so if you ever want to go plane spotting, partying, just soak up the sun, other activities like mini golf and the planetarium or canoeing and many more! I really recommend going there if you are ever in Hamburg!
Enjoy the Pictures below, I am sure I will post more in the Future.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big news!

Big news guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week. I have come across multiple opportunities that will drastically jump start my career and business idea.

I do not want to reveal everything yet because some things are still in the works but I can tell you for sure there will be many new adventures ahead! I might even have to make a new blog if I am traveling more of europe and not just here in Germany!
I can tell you for sure I am going to Berlin on Sunday though, and I am pretty excited! i have seen a lot of Germany so far but have not yet been to Berlin!

Also my official website is online. At first I may redirect it to my tumblr photo blog while I develop it into a functioning website.


I also wanted to (of course) share some photos I took this last week 

Above is a picture of a German house which style I see a lot here in my neighborhood. 
This is just a bench I laughed at because of how ridiculously it is located.

Friday, May 24, 2013

4 months!

                    It has been four months since i've been here!

I have had my excitement! my stress :/, my ups, my downs, my happiness, my frustration, my loneliness  my doubts, my awe, my amazement and my love. I love it here and dont plan on coming back to the States anytime soon. I am growing here as a person and as a responsible adult. Looking back it seems like i just threw my old life and problems away and started over and i kind of did, one of the best decisions i have made.
I do not know what the next year or years have in store for me but i will continue to learn and explore and soak up the world during my blip of a lifespan in confined to this planet in this universe. On that note i believe in july, if everything goes to plan, which sometimes it doesn't... I will be going to Copenhagen-Denmark, More cities in Germany, Helsinki-Finland, Tallin-Estonia, Stockholm-Sweden, and St. Petersburg-Russia. So keep following me and I will share my adventures with you!

Thank you to all my readers and my Family Here are some photos which i have taken here in Germany so far, which can always be found on my photo-blog here Conor Photography

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Port of Hamburg.

The Port of Hamburg:

It was the 7th of may 1189, when the harbor opened in Hamburg. Every year in Hamburg a major party is held for the birthday of their port. It is called "Hafengeburtstag" The Harbor and the city of hamburg are 110 kilometers (68 miles) inland from the north sea where the river Elba meets the ocean. It is nicknamed "The Gateway to the World" and is the 1st largest and busiest port in Germany (hamburg is the second largest city), 3rd busiest port in Europe and 15th in the world.

The port is almost as old as Hamburg itself. It was founded by Frederick I of the Holy Roman Empire for its strategic location in central Europe. It has always been central Europe's main port for centuries. Hamburg American Line in its hayday was the largest shipping company in the world and from 1870s on was the main port for passengers in and out of central Europe.

Around 50 million People in the United States of America Claim Germany ancestry. Making Germans the largest ethnic group in North America. Many White German-Americans came from Germany through this port and many were people from Hamburg itself or from the surrounding areas. (Yes this is why we have many German influenced food such as Hamburgers and Sausages)

In the picture below are counties colored by their populations ethnicity, light blue represent people who claim German ancestry. Purple is African American. Salmon is Mexican. Dark blue is Italian. Green is Dutch. Light green is Finnish. Sky Blue is French. Very light purple is English. Lime Green is Norwegian. Darker purple is Irish. Beige is people who just claim to be "American".

Before the 1943 Allied Bombing of the city (which in the last week created one of the largest firestorms in WW2and killing about 43,000 people,injuring 36,000 and causing around 1 million people to flee the city) Many of the mariners for the port lived in Hammerbrook. The Bombing completely destroyed the city, and Hammerbrook (which was then rebuilt into residential and commercial areas). The hills in the parks by these commercial areas are the ruins of old buildings and homes which the earth has swallowed. especially in  Öjendorfer Park.

Below is a 40 year old paining of the harbor that is painted in my current room. and below that is a picture I took of the harbor on the last day of Hafengeburtstag celebrations.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

I went to a middle age festival today.

The amount of work these people put into their craft to make it as authentic as possible is amazing. (I have many more photos I will upload soon.)

Lights over Hamburg.

I was taking a walk with Jolanda to Blankenese when bam lights beamed up in the sky and started to move around and change color. It was amazing. still dont know what it was for.