Friday, January 25, 2013

German children's shows:

These kids shows are really creepy... that is all.


  1. To Germans Barney the Dinosaur is creepy. Especially his voice in combination with his unbroken grin. What exactly did you find creepy about Sandmännchen?

  2. Haha, the Sandmännchen. That THE classic children show here in germany.

    The point is that the "Sandmännchen" always pours sand into the childrens eyes at the end of an episode, which is supposed to make them tired. It indicates bed time. Now i remember when i was a kid i always turned a round and covered my eyes when the Sandmännchen poured his sand in the camera because i actually believed it would put this nasty sand in your eyes you have when you wake up and i hated that!

    I think every kid reacts like that. And the song, oh god the song. I can understand i might seem creepy to people who didnt grow up with it, haha.

  3. You think Frau Elster is creepy?
    Try the Children's Book "Struwwelpeter" by Heinrich Hoffmann. Funny Stories and whimsical pictures with 15 beautifully coloured panels for Children Aged 3 to 6. It also contains death, torture and mutilation.

    1. It was shown in a Family Guy clip:

  4. That is the classic good night show from the DDR