Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Time is here in Germany

Spring is here, so of course we begin our "spring cleaning". My host mother has been working in the yard and built her son a trampoline while I took four massive boxes of paper to the paper disposal bins. I had no idea how i was going to fit all of it into that box but it all worked out, the box actually went underground and had a huge compartment underneath. It was very interesting, I took some photos and a video that i may post. As I was stuffing these massive pieces of cardboard into this little box, two elderly German woman started telling me not to do that here and to go to the bigger disposal box at a different location. Of course I don't know where it is and my host mother told me to just put it in the small box so i waited for them to leave and continued cramming paper and cardboard into the small box >:)

Below is a picture of the trampoline under construction and Paulina, the newfoundland. She is about to get her summer hair cut and i cant wait to see what she looks like after, definitely the biggest dog i have seen, but such a gentle giant.

Some of that otter footage i was talking about. (I got a little carried away though)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Music in Germany.

So most of the songs I hear on the radio here I have heard like a year ago in America and they are now just becoming popular but there are a few european songs that make it big that I never heard of that are actually quite good. For example the song below was huge last summer in Europe and it is a good song, yet I had never heard of it before. There are quite a few songs like this and it is really interesting to see what America doesn't pick up while major american "hits" a flowing slowly into Europe (I say Europe not just Germany because i took a look at what is charting throughout Europe not just Germany.)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Went to the wild life park north of Hamburg:

There was a wildlife park north of hamburg we went too on saturday for a day trip. I remember going to places like this when I was a kid in America except here in Germany it seems a lot more eco friendly.   There was even a squared off ant memorial because some kids destroyed an ant hill by poking sticks into it. They sectioned of where it happened and had the kids make a sign showing the how their reckless actions destroyed a home to thousands of little creatures (i personally that it was over the top, some kids poked in some ant holes and they memorialized the damn thing like it was holocaust #2)

Anyway, it was a nice sunny day (for once) and we took advantage of that by going to this park. We got to feed some deer see some birds all that good stuff but my favorite was the otters, pictured below. They are canadian freshwater otters, one came from a european zoo though and mated with the other one so one of them is their offspring or something, according to the park ranger. She let me feed those lil guys too, I threw them a fish. They were stoked.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


As a former crosscountry runner, that took up most of my life so far, an american citizen, and having a host mother who was her self an aupair in Boston. This makes me happy that the friends in the city I lived in for the last 4 years (San Francisco) would show their support like this. We also support everyone, here in Germany. Like I said my host mother was an aupair in boston and has that connection. I bought a shirt and the funds are going to the Red Cross (I sent it to my american address, so parents if you are reading this expect a Tshirt coming in the mail.) I miss running and I wish I could have taken part in this run back in SF with my sister or something, but I still can show my support from Germany.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old friends and new friends:

As I continue my adventure in Germany. I continue to meet many new people and have been making friends. It is pretty easy so far to make friends and everyone I have met is very nice and welcoming here. I lived in south Germany for 2 months and made one good friend (Eliane -seen in the top picture with the guitar).

When i first moved down to the remote area in southern Germany, I realized it might be hard to meet friends my age. I just read a great article actually about the exodus of German youth from small villages  seen here So most people i saw there were to young or too old. Although, I had to get my visa picture taken. We went to a professional photo studio to do this (that's how they roll in Germany :P). This is where I met my first and only good friend there Eliane. She was the one who took my photograph and edited it. We began to talk and noticed we obviously shared common interests, which is rare for the rural area i was in to be interested in photography and certain types of music and so on. We shared our contact info and hung out every week after that. I miss her she is such a nice girl. (In the picture I am showing her Jumper by Third Eye Blind, and Emily by From First to Last.)

Here in Hamburg as you can see from the bottom photo, it is a little more easy to meet people my age and other aupairs for that matter. Every weekend since i have been here i have gone to the 'infamous' Reeperbahn and it is crazy there. Having lived as a university student in San Francisco, I can confirm Germans here know how to party. I never saw anything like this unless it was a special event in San Francisco, but here in Germany its seems like it is almost everyday and for sure every weekend. You can almost do anything there and the bars/clubs are packed beyond capacity. Alcohol tends to be expensive but that is a no brainer in a big city with clubs like this and. Every club has it's own unique themes, I have been too irish pubs (on of my favorites by St albert's Square they have bands play live music it is great.), british pubs, latino dance clubs... you name it. Here is where i have met everyone in hamburg so far. I joined a group on facebook consisting of people in my situation (being a foreigner in Germany) and was able to establish meetups instantly. I have made quite a few friends here so far but by far my best friend here so far is Jolanda, the girl next to me and the one you can see in my VLOGS.

Hoping to meet even more people and share many more experiences with you as i go. Have a nice day, From Germany with LOVE!

Eliane learns a song with me.

Yelling in the German Language:

This is a personal view but after my time here i have seen many people get yelled at in the German language. It honestly is one of the scariest, most intimidating things i have ever seen. I don't know if it is just the language as in the way the words are pronounced but being near and even seeing someone else getting yelled at in the German language humbles me. Yelling in English seems so common in movies that it really is not very intimidating. I think i possible find it intimidating because the only time before coming to Germany i had seen someone yelling in the German language was Hitler. So maybe that is why is seems so scary.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today my host mother cooked some good chicken very quickly in the oven using a bag. I have never seen this done before but it was great, the bag is a plastic heat resistant back that also contains the "sauce" like onions and carrots and other spices that the chicken cooks in for about an hour. I have been learning many ways and many new things to cook and i loved this idea because it was good, it was cheap and there was no mess because of the oven bag.

 I do not know why I haven't seen this in America. It is very efficient and there is no mess! Usually when i see chicken being cooked in an oven like this, it is cooked in a pan, but with this bag, you don't get the chicken dry, it cooks faster and there is no mess. This is something i am finding out to be the one of the most valuable things I am learning in Germany.  How to cook cheap and efficient good food.  To feed 3 people and 2 dogs it costs us around 100$ a week for everything. This is such a great learning experience for later in life.


Friday, April 12, 2013

First Vlog:


Update and things:

My first video blog is being uploaded to youtube right now. Sorry for the delay i got sick. It will be featuring Jolanda, she is from Slovenia, there is a picture below of the two of us (probably drunk and dancing[found it on my phone]) the night we first hungout. We had met prior but very briefly. That night we danced and had fun. By the way German clubs are a lot more fun than anything i ever went to in America. But then again i only went to clubs in SF and Reno. But yes i have been a little sick and it sucks. I will also be uploading some pictures from the forrest soon, i was going to make that in tis blog post but they were having a hard time uploading(probably since i am also uploading my first vlog. Thanks for the patience. Look forward for more content :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Am sick now and currently editing my first vlog together sorry for the delay:

Although i did take a walk through the woods near where i live. The 5 year old i watch out for goes to a kindergarten in the woods, which is pretty cool actually so we went there and he showed me all the places they go and build things. Here is a picture of a girl riding her horse through the woods. Will be uploading more photos from the woods soon, and sorry for the delay i have been a little ill :/. It is cool to see the nature so pressed up against the second biggest city in Germany (Hamburg)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jolie and my first VLOG:

So Jolanda (Jolie) and I filmed my first video lof today, in my new room, will be posting the video tomorrow as promised :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Having fun with my 2 best friends and a funny sign:

Went to the play park with Jani and Ievgenia. Super fun, i wish that they had had these little play contraptions when i was a kid. All we got in america was a jungle gym pff... Germany you are doing it right. Of course we took the chance to go play. I took a hard fall being stuid on some spinning contraption but other then that it was a blast. Oh and by the way I am the king of spider mountain, kid.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lets be scientists for a day.

In picture number 1 i had found a clay deposit, ancient Germanic people used this to dye their fabrics and paint.
Jani like science!
A pink snail shell? Never seen this before.

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Smoking in Germany:

Here in Germany, a lot of people smoke. An interesting fact is During the Nazi regime before and during WWII, Hitler began to ban smoking. The German scientists were the first to discover (in the 1930s) that Smoking is bad for your health, discovering many of the carcinogens. It didn't become an issue in America until the late 50s and 60s. In Hitler's memoirs he says one of the main reasons he had such a commanding will and realized his "goal" was after he threw his last pack of cigarettes into the river. If you notice, none of the Axis power leaders smoked, yet you can see all of the allied power leaders smoking heavily with each other.

Nowadays smoking is pretty common in Germany and there are many vending machines all over the roads that sell cigarettes along with many ashtray and garbages especially for cigarettes. Many of the older generation i don't see smoking (the people that would have been kids during WWII), although practically all other age groups smoke equally. Below is a picture of a designated smoking area by the U-bahn station by my new house. It is very interesting because it resembles a German cigarette pack turned on its side with the standard words of warning even written on it. These words (which are on all tabacco products) translate to "Smoking can be Deadly".

Hilarious comics about americans in Germany/Hamburg:

I have been in Hamburg for one week now and all of these comics represent a funny discussion i have already had as an american here! Please check out more at this guys blog. He makes them about other countries as well!