Friday, May 24, 2013

4 months!

                    It has been four months since i've been here!

I have had my excitement! my stress :/, my ups, my downs, my happiness, my frustration, my loneliness  my doubts, my awe, my amazement and my love. I love it here and dont plan on coming back to the States anytime soon. I am growing here as a person and as a responsible adult. Looking back it seems like i just threw my old life and problems away and started over and i kind of did, one of the best decisions i have made.
I do not know what the next year or years have in store for me but i will continue to learn and explore and soak up the world during my blip of a lifespan in confined to this planet in this universe. On that note i believe in july, if everything goes to plan, which sometimes it doesn't... I will be going to Copenhagen-Denmark, More cities in Germany, Helsinki-Finland, Tallin-Estonia, Stockholm-Sweden, and St. Petersburg-Russia. So keep following me and I will share my adventures with you!

Thank you to all my readers and my Family Here are some photos which i have taken here in Germany so far, which can always be found on my photo-blog here Conor Photography

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Port of Hamburg.

The Port of Hamburg:

It was the 7th of may 1189, when the harbor opened in Hamburg. Every year in Hamburg a major party is held for the birthday of their port. It is called "Hafengeburtstag" The Harbor and the city of hamburg are 110 kilometers (68 miles) inland from the north sea where the river Elba meets the ocean. It is nicknamed "The Gateway to the World" and is the 1st largest and busiest port in Germany (hamburg is the second largest city), 3rd busiest port in Europe and 15th in the world.

The port is almost as old as Hamburg itself. It was founded by Frederick I of the Holy Roman Empire for its strategic location in central Europe. It has always been central Europe's main port for centuries. Hamburg American Line in its hayday was the largest shipping company in the world and from 1870s on was the main port for passengers in and out of central Europe.

Around 50 million People in the United States of America Claim Germany ancestry. Making Germans the largest ethnic group in North America. Many White German-Americans came from Germany through this port and many were people from Hamburg itself or from the surrounding areas. (Yes this is why we have many German influenced food such as Hamburgers and Sausages)

In the picture below are counties colored by their populations ethnicity, light blue represent people who claim German ancestry. Purple is African American. Salmon is Mexican. Dark blue is Italian. Green is Dutch. Light green is Finnish. Sky Blue is French. Very light purple is English. Lime Green is Norwegian. Darker purple is Irish. Beige is people who just claim to be "American".

Before the 1943 Allied Bombing of the city (which in the last week created one of the largest firestorms in WW2and killing about 43,000 people,injuring 36,000 and causing around 1 million people to flee the city) Many of the mariners for the port lived in Hammerbrook. The Bombing completely destroyed the city, and Hammerbrook (which was then rebuilt into residential and commercial areas). The hills in the parks by these commercial areas are the ruins of old buildings and homes which the earth has swallowed. especially in  Öjendorfer Park.

Below is a 40 year old paining of the harbor that is painted in my current room. and below that is a picture I took of the harbor on the last day of Hafengeburtstag celebrations.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

I went to a middle age festival today.

The amount of work these people put into their craft to make it as authentic as possible is amazing. (I have many more photos I will upload soon.)

Lights over Hamburg.

I was taking a walk with Jolanda to Blankenese when bam lights beamed up in the sky and started to move around and change color. It was amazing. still dont know what it was for.


Found some otters playing and eating today.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Took my camera on on a walk with the dogs:

Here in Norderstedt there are many large open fields in between patches of forests and houses, it is really beautiful. I was told Noderstedt was a ways north of hamburg a hundred years ago and was used to grow cops and what not (like farmland). As the citys grew they eventually became joined but these large patches of open fields stayed and so did some of the forrest and now it is protected. It is very beautiful and thats why we walk our dogs through here.

I always think that i bet the Nazi military must have left landmines in these open fields since they were obviously the easiest driving/access point heading east towards berlin. I always wonder if there are in land mines that haven't been discovered or dud bombs under a few inches of grass. I bet not but it is interesting to think about these things.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick little update:

I have been working and exploring and dealing with some stuff, so sorry for the lack of posts this week, there has been bank holidays and I've had time off and yes I have been a little lazy. Jolanda and I plan on making our 3rd blog soon. I just wanted you all to know that I will be posting more content daily pretty soon, I just took a litte break but i have much more content to share.  I am now just getting back into the flow of things and haven't been online recently as much as usual but very soon I update all my experiences so far.
It has been just over a month since i came to Hamburg from south Germany and I really like it here. The picture above is of Jolanda and I at a pier restaurant called "FischClub" in Blankenese. It is very beautiful there. We are also planning a trip to france or denmark this summer so that will be fun.