Thursday, May 9, 2013

Took my camera on on a walk with the dogs:

Here in Norderstedt there are many large open fields in between patches of forests and houses, it is really beautiful. I was told Noderstedt was a ways north of hamburg a hundred years ago and was used to grow cops and what not (like farmland). As the citys grew they eventually became joined but these large patches of open fields stayed and so did some of the forrest and now it is protected. It is very beautiful and thats why we walk our dogs through here.

I always think that i bet the Nazi military must have left landmines in these open fields since they were obviously the easiest driving/access point heading east towards berlin. I always wonder if there are in land mines that haven't been discovered or dud bombs under a few inches of grass. I bet not but it is interesting to think about these things.


  1. I found your blog through reddit and it's nice to see an american view on germany. :)

    Nowadays there are rarely any mines, but every few months while constructing a new building, they find bombs and have to defuse it.

    This is an example from munich last year:

    It didn't go as planned and smashed several windows in the area...
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. Regarding "leftovers" from the war, mines are very uncommon. Mostly it´s bombs (especially in urban areas) or grenade/ hand grenades (in rural areas).
    The one exception is the Hürtgen forrest, an area in western Germany. Some of the most brutal battles of the western front took place there. The allied armed forces (mostly the US Army) lost almost as many soldiers there in only a few month then in all of the vietnam war.
    The German army dug glas mines(!) in these woods that still can´t be detected with modern metal detectors. Because of this, some areas of the forrest are still of limits for hickers. The trees from Hürtgen Forrest can´t be used as wood for construction or crafting because of the high ammount of shrappnel burried in them. Some pretty crazy things happend there.

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