Friday, June 7, 2013


We went to the Stadtpark.

Last sunday we went to Stadtpark for the second time. Humburg's city park. Here you can see it on google maps. The park is filled with a huge open grass area where on windy days you will see many people flying kites and a few picnicking. On warm days the huge grass field is packed with people soaking up the little sun they can get up here in Hamburg.

The Stadtpark has many things to do including my favorite so far which is a bar by the water front which you can see here and here. You can take little canoes out into the pond and have a picknick on the water, and during the summer everything is so green and the flowers are very colorful. There is a lot of bird life and many swans in and around the water front. The waterfront is located on one end of the grassy field and on the other end is the Planetarium which is so great and is pictured below.

I plan on going back to the Planetarium before I leave Hamburg, I might go on saturday since i am going to Berlin on monday but when I go there will be picture for you guys! Also of berlin, it will be my first time in the capital of Germany, I have been almost everywhere else but not Berlin!
Anyway, below are a few pictures I took in the park and one on the way to the park which is very easy to get to via U-Bahn/S-Bahn (the german subway systems) Also it is very cool to note that hamburg airport is very near and the flight path of the planes flies directly over the park so if you ever want to go plane spotting, partying, just soak up the sun, other activities like mini golf and the planetarium or canoeing and many more! I really recommend going there if you are ever in Hamburg!
Enjoy the Pictures below, I am sure I will post more in the Future.

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  1. Great pictures!
    The Planetarium really looks grim but fascinating at the same time.

    Greetings from Bavaria