Friday, November 29, 2013

boring in reno

Lil update and facts.

Well I'm in reno with family, some are sick and so is my dog so that is no fun. I have though, began a small photography company to keep my occupied which is doing decently well, but i should be back in Slovenia in January if anyone cares. I have been occupying my time with lost of documentaries and cultural and history studies because is orgasmicly interesting. I never knew Charles The Great (also known as Charlemange) who was king of the Franks, back then France and part of Germany and northern Italy, was in fact Germanic. The Franks were Germanic people intermingled with a latin speaking branch of people.

But anyway the fascinating thing was back then the whole kingdom was divided between all sons, so in his case he had one sone who had 3 sons therefore the kingdom was separated between them with the treaty of Verdun which is basically what rippled in time to WW1 and WW2

What a magnificent bastard. Anyway I have also been playing Diablo 3 and watching minecraft videos but history is where is at. There is a ton of cool stuff that happened... so stop reading this and go check it out.